Brew Potions with Wixies

Wixies are an excellent way to brew potions as they allow skipping a few key steps. Namely, they do not require Water or Blaze Powder, nor do they need Glass Bottles.

Basic Brewing

We'll need a few items to get started.

  • 1x Wixie Charm

  • 1x Cauldron

  • 1x Source Jar with Source

  • 3x Arcane Pedestals or Arcane Platforms

  • 3x Potion Jars

  • 1x Dominion Wand

Place the Cauldron and right-click it with the Wixie Charm. Note, this is a vanilla Minecraft cauldron. right-clicking it with the Wixie Charm will transform it into a Wixie Cauldron. Next place the Source Jar nearby. If it is close enough, the Wixie's Cauldron will fill up with Source.

Now that the Wixie has been placed, she'll need to know what she's crafting. Bear in mind that Wixies can also be used to craft normal crafting table recipes, but our focus here is potions. To tell her what potions to craft, regular potion bottles need to be placed on Arcane Pedestals or Platforms in the spaces adjacent to her Cauldron. She'll need one potion for each step.

For this example, we'll craft a Potion of Spell Damage II. This means we'll need to provide her with an Awkward Potion, a Potion of Spell Damage, and a Potion of Spell Damage II, one on each pedestal.

These potions will need to be obtained elsewhere, such as brewing them manually with the vanilla Brewing Stand.

Next up, she'll need items to craft with. For this recipe, we'll need Abjuration Essence, Magebloom, and Glowstone. These can be provided in any nearby inventory, so feel free to choose something that fits your particular design style.

Lastly, she'll need someplace to put the brewed potions. The Wixie will automatically store them in nearby Potion Jars. She will need one jar per potion step. To avoid issues, it is best to lock these once they have some potion in them.

It is therefore recommended that you place the Jars one at a time, allow her to brew that step, then immediately lock it. Locking is done by Sneak Right-Clicking a Potion Jar with a Dominion Wand.

Having trouble getting the right potion in the right jar? Apply a Redstone signal to the Wixie Cauldron to get her to stop. Then right click potions into the Potion Jar manually before locking them.

With all the Potion Jars setup and locked, the Wixie will cycle through each potion, brewing one at a time until the Jars are full.

A single wixie can craft as many different potions as can fit around her cauldron. Theoretically, this would mean up to 26 different potion steps as they can be bothabove and below.

Potion Melding

With Ars Nouveau, it is possible to combine multiple potion effects into a single potion. This is called Melding and is a great way to compactly carry many potion doses in their Flasks. Melding potions will also boost the amount of Source produced when combined with an Alchemical Sourcelink.

When brewing potions for use with an Alchemical Sourcelink, three attributes factor into the calculation of how much Source will be produced: Duration, Strength, and number of Melds. Of those three, melding provides the greatest boost; a melded potion will easily provide more source than the two unmelded potions would have separately.

Setting this up doesn't require much additional effort when using a Wixie setup as the one above. We'll only need a few extra blocks

  • 1x Potion Melder

  • 1x Potion Jar

  • 1x Source Jar

Below we can see an expanded Wixie setup similar to the first. In this one, we're now brewing Potions of Spell Damage II on the left and Mana Regeneration II on the right.

In order to meld these two potions, we'll place down the Melder and Potion Jar nearby. The Potion Melder will need to be within 3 blocks of our two input Potion jars. The output Potion Jar will need to be similarly close.

Looking at the Melder will display any issues there are with the current setup. Below, we have not yet linked any of the Potion Jars. To link them, simply Right-Click one of the input jars, then Right-Click the Melder. Repeat for the second input. Finally Right-Click the Melder and then Right Click the output Jar.

In short order, the melded potion will appear in the output Potion Jar.

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