Automatic Server Updates

An easier way to keep your server running on the latest modpack version. Follow the below steps to be able to update modpack version with only a few clicks.

Currently available for

  • Enigmatica 6

  • Enigmatica 8

  • Enigmatica 9

  • Create Together

  1. Download Git if you don't have it already.

  2. Download Powershell if you don't have it already.

  3. Clone the modpack of your choice into an empty folder.

# Enigmatica 6
git clone

# Enigmatica 8
git clone

# Enigmatica 9
git clone

# Create Together
git clone
  1. Open the automation folder.

  2. Run the script InstanceSyncSetup

  3. Run the script update-server

  4. Start the server using the script start-automated-server found in the instance root.

Re-run the script update-server whenever you want to update to a new modpack version.


  • Using the update-server script will reset changes you've made to tracked files.

  • The world and mods folders are backed up by the update-server script.

  • Anything put in the overrides folder will be copied into the root folder when the update-server script is finished. We recommend you put any changed configs and added mods there.

  • Whenever you run update-server, the settings.cfg is reset to the latest default to get the latest Forge version.

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