Enigmatica 6

Cobble Gen Randomizer: Cobbleworks

World Generation is highly customized in Enigmatica and as a result not all stone types are available in the ground. To compensate, CobbleGenRandomizer is used to facilitate obtaining them.
This is done with four new types of stone gen.
  1. 1.
    Random Cobble Generator
  2. 2.
    Random Stone Generator
  3. 3.
    Targeted Cobble Generator
  4. 4.
    Targeted Stone Generator
These systems work similarly to Vanilla Cobble and Smooth Stone Generators, however they use a Catalyst to determine what item(s) will be produced.

Cobble Generator

In order for the Cobble generator to work, lava must flow into the side of a water block (flowing or source). The block under the point where they meet determines what is generated. Below, the use of a Block of Iron makes this a Random Cobble Gen, and each new 'cobble' it produces will be picked randomly from a list of cobbles.
Any of the blocks generated from this method may then replace the Block of Iron to target that specific type of cobble. Only that target will be produced from then on.
Note: The use of a stair block is not required, but it does help avoid accidents where the source block would be consumed.
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Stone Generator

For the Stone Generator, the lava must fall down on top of the water. The block beneath the point where the Lava meets the Water determines the outcome of the transformation. The use of a Block of Diamond results in a Random Stone Generator, while any of the blocks generated may be re-used as a catalyst to target only that type of stone.
Note: As above, the stair is not required, but can help ensure the source block is never consumed.
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Sometimes the stone will pop up when broken, which can lead to the item burning in the lava. To avoid this, either push the blocks out first with a Piston or use a block breaker that automatically picks up the items it breaks.