Enigmatica 6
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Occultism: Automatic Djinn Repair

We all know and love Occultism's miner djinns, don't we? Too bad they only have 5k durability before they break, right?
Not with the power of several mods in Enigmatica 6, that is! Using a combination of Modular Routers and Pedestals, we can automatically repair our miner djinns so they keep bringing us ores from wherever it is they go. These instructions will scale up to 8 dimensional mineshafts. If you want to add more, you can add more distribution modules on either side of the repair, or add more routers.

What you will need:

  • A working knowledge of how Pedestals works.
  • A "Fluid to XP" converter pedestal
  • An "XP Tank" pedestal
  • An "XP Anvil" pedestal
  • An inventory under the XP Anvil, can just be a chest.
  • A ready source of liquid XP (a mob crusher farm works for this, but so do many other options)
  • An Ender Tank with liquid xp, or some other bulk storage for it.
  • A single Modular Router
  • Two Distribution Modules
  • An Inspection Filter
  • A Sender Module Mk2
  • A Puller Module Mk2
  • Range and speed upgrades as appropriate if necessary, they're not for me.
The Setup
My router here is camouflaged into the floor.
Link the XP Anvil pedestal to the XP tank pedestal, link the XP tank to the Fluid to XP pedestal. You may find Speed and Capacity enchants on the pedestal upgrades to be useful.
Get the Djinns Out
This is the first module in the router. Note that it pulls from the TOP of the mineshaft. This is important, because the TOP is the only place you can insert or remove the lamp from. All other sides are for moving ores. This module brings the lamp into the router. The inspection filter is set to "Durability < 10%" so if there's 10% or less durability left, it will pull the lamp out for repair. You can set this value to anything you want.
Repair the Djinn
This sender takes the lamp and puts it into whatever inventory is underneath the XP Anvil, which will then use xp from the other pedestals to repair it, then put the lamp on top of itself.
Retrieve the Djinn
This puller takes the lamp out of the pedestal from the top. I am not sure if this is as strongly sided, but just to be safe, pull the lamp from the top of the pedestal.
Put it back in the box
This distributor takes the lamp and puts it in an open mineshaft (again, from the top).
And there you go! If you have Unbreaking 6 on your lamps, you'll have to repair them once, maybe twice, a week at most.