Enigmatica 6
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Resourceful Bees: Working with Bees

Natural Bees

Natural Bees spawn in-world in specific biomes. Bee Nests will also spawn in these biomes, and Natural Bees should appear on Journeymap or the FTBChunks minimap for easier hunting. Bee spawning is the same as other passive mob spawning - they will spawn randomly like cows and sheep if there is “room” in a chunk - but they can also spawn in hives when a new chunk is generated.
The following graphic shows the bees that naturally spawn in-world, where they spawn, and a key for the breeding/creation of other bees.
Bee Spawning

Bee Breeding and Mutation

Bees that produce certain materials such as Gravel and Clay as well as various metal ores can be bred via normal crossbreeding. By Right-Clicking the bee with the required material they will breed with each other and produce a child. The exact items for breeding can be seen in the Beepedia or JEI. The graphics below show the results of various crossbreeds, and most bees can be bred with themselves to produce more of the same type.
Bee Breeding
Gem bees are also created via standard breeding, while both Nether and Alloy bees require mutations. A Resourceful Bee mutates entities or objects much like a Vanilla bee can pollinate plants - after it has collected pollen from its flower of choice any applicable blocks or entities it flies over may be mutated.
Nether Bees are created by having one bee mutate another; Alloy Bees are created by having one bee mutate a specific metal block. These mutations are shown in the graphic below.

Crafting Bees

Other bees that are mod-specific are generally produced by using the mod in question - there are currently bees for Botania, Nature’s Aura, Astral Sorcery, Blood Magic, and Tinker’s Construct. The best way to determine how these bees are made is via JEI. Check out recipes for either the spawn egg for the bee, or for Resourceful Bees Glass Jars - different bees are created with both of these methods. The graphic below is NOT all inclusive - as new bees are made they may or may not make it on here in detail.