Flight: Creative and Others



Of course, the classic is still available. Elytra grant the player the ability to glide, making them wonderful for long distance travel. Firework rockets may be used as boosters to maintain altitude.

Alex's Mobs

Tarantula Hawk Elytra

Higher durability than a Vanilla Elytra, and affording the player some small amount of armor, these function just like Elytra in every other respect.


Helium Flamingo

Worn as a curio, this item allows the player to swim in the air for a short period. Be careful, the effect doesn't last long! The Flamingo charges regenerate quickly enough when not in use, however.

Astral Sorcery

Mantle of the Stars: Vicio

This mantle functions much like Elytra, allowing the player to glide great distances.

Ritual Effect: Vicio

Rituals using Vicio attuned crystals grant players in the area creative flight.

Attunement: Spectral Wings

While wearing a Vicio Attuned Mantle of the Stars, this Attunement Perk grants the player Creative Flight. This does drain from the player's Starlight bar, so taking other perks to increase the size and regeneration rate may be helpful.

Ars Nouveau

Belt of Levitation

Though not truly flight, this belt allows the player to hover a few blocks in the air, making it very easy to cross rough terrain or climb mountains with little effort.

Glyphs and Spells

A number of glyphs can be combined in interesting ways to grant the player various levels of flight.

  • Launch: Tosses the target high into the air. Excellent for gaining altitude.

  • Leap: Tosses the target in the direction they're facing. Useful for gaining some rapid horizontal movement.

  • Slowfall: Keeps the target in the air longer and prevents damage upon landing.

  • Bounce: Combined with Leap, this allows the player to travel great distances quickly without taking damage.

  • Glide: This offers the target true Elytra flight. Combine with Launch or Leap to get up into the air. This also allows the player to ignore fall damage.

Ritual: Flight

Burning a Tablet of Flight on a Ritual Brazier will grant all players in an area true creative flight. This consumes a small amount of Source to maintain the effect, making it ideal for use around one's base for building.

Blood Magic

Air Sigil

Simply hold Right Click to activate this sigil and be propelled in the direction you're facing. This is an excellent way to get into the air, but beware that it affords no innate protection for landing, but careful use allows the player to land without damage.

Living Armor: Elytra Upgrade

Grants the Living Chestplate the ability to glide like an Elytra.


Rod of the Skies

A simple device that launches players high into the air. Combines nicely with Elytra and other similar effects.

Flugel Tiara

By itself, the Tiara affords the player limited Creative style flight. It offers an interesting Dash mechanic as well that propels the player forwards very quickly. The player may only stay aloft for so long, however, before needing to land and allow the feather charges to recharge.

Eye of Flugel

Upon defeating the Guardian of Gaia II, the player receives Dice of Fate which give them one random Relic item. Among these is the Eye of Flugel, which allows the Flugel Tiara to consume mana to keep flying even once it's feather charges are depleted. This is best paired with a Mana Mirror to provide enough mana for long flights.

Iron Jetpacks


The jetpacks in the pack are all custom creations with mutliple tiers, each offering increased speed and control. Be warned, these are very power hungry, only allowing 20-30 minutes of flight time on internal power. Pair with batteries or wireless chargers to increase flight time.

Lost Trinkets

Magical Feathers

True Creative flight without cost or restrictions. Unlike other trinkets from this mod, Magical Feathers are crafted, not discovered.

Magic Feather

Magic Feather

Affords the player Creative flight while within the effect radius of a Vanilla Beacon.


HDPE Reinforced Elytra

A higher durability version of the Vanilla Elytra

Elytra Unit

A module for the MekaSuit which grants it Elytra style flight with a flare.

Jetpack and Armored Jetpack

Simple jetpacks which propel the player into the air. They don't allow for much speed horizontally, but they're excellent for getting up over obstacles. Best combined with something to reduce fall damage, like Free Runners, to avoid issues when landing.

Jetpack Unit

Another module for the MekaSuit. This grants the same powered boost as regular Jetpacks. Combines nicely with the Elytra Unit for extended flight.

Gravitational Modulating Unit

A module for the MekaSuit which grants the player Creative flight at the cost of energy.


Jet Boots

Upgrades to the Pneumatic Boots that grant flight to the wearer. These consume air from the Pneumatic Boots and may be toggled between Iron Man style fast flight and Creative building mode. Best paired with an Aerial Interface to keep the boots charged remotely.


Environmental Controller with Flight Module

Grants all players Creative flight in a customizable area. Costs FE to maintain.

Tinker's Construct


An upgraded and customizeable version of Vanilla Elytra.


  • Slime Sling: Flings the user long distances in the opposite direction they're facing

  • Skyslime Sling: Launches the user in the direction they're facing. May be used in the air.

  • Enderslime Sling: Not flight, but worth the mention. This allows the user to blink short distances, even through walls.

  • Ichor Sling: Used on others to send them flying. Bye bye!


Though they don't grant flight, they do afford the player an excellent means of reducing fall damage and accept a number of upgrades to boot. badum

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